From public talks, to group workshops and community fitness events - this page is where you find out what I'm up to in between adventures! If you have a fun event idea that you'd like me to get involved with, get in touch!


Community Fitness

I believe fitness should be accessable to everyone - I also believe it should be fun! Luckily, KEEN agree so we teamed up to create #TrailFit sessions to help give you guys some ideas on how to turn your urban landscape into a training playground. I lead the sessions; they can be catered to different levels and they are always free - join us! Have fun, get fit and get outside!

#TrailFit Dates:

  • March 25th - Cotswolds Outdoor Covent Garden, London
  • April 1st - Cotswolds Outdoor Piccadilly, London
  • April 22nd - Cotswolds Outdoor, Bristol
  • April 26th - Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports Covent Garden, London
  • June 9th-11th - Keswick Mountain Festival

Public TALKS & group wORKSHOPS

Adventure storytime, for children and adults alike. Here's where you can come and get motivated by tales of endurance, get entertained by humourous retellings of curve balls and get inspired by stories of following your passion.

Workshops focus on personal development and wellness; giving you the tools to unlock your potential & break through personal limitations so you can create the quality of life you want. These jam packed sessions are designed to unleash excellence and can be adapted for different group sizes and various environments.