Wednesday 3rd July - 7pm onwards


2A Charing Cross Road

Trafalger Square




"I’m standing on the edge of a 40-foot cliff, surrounded by a glacial lake, getting ready to jump. There’s snow on all sides of the water below, and it crunched under our boots as we steadily climbed up to the top of the cliff. 

The sheer drop below is terrifying – littered with any number of rocks that I could hit on the way down. The slightest misstep and the result could be catastrophic. All the same, as I run through my internal risk assessment, I decide that if this doesn’t work out then, all things considered, I’d be relieved that I wouldn’t have to go back to the office next week. It seems like a win-win situation. I hate my job that much."

Kairos is a compelling account of one woman's journey to find out what she's really capable of and what it means to redefine your limits - and your life. From kayaking in Russia, to running across the sandy dunes of Fuerteventura and to cycling thousands of miles through breathtaking terrain across several countries - this is an action packed and colourful collection of self-propelled adventure stories peppered with heartwarming tales of human kindness, devastating failures and triumphant victories.

Kairos is, ultimately, an inspirational tale of the indomitable power of the human spirit. It is a call to action to be brave and to take the leap.

Your £20 ticket includes

  • A signed copy of the book

  • Adventure story time with yours truly (I’ll be reading specially selected bits of the book - brace yourself for accents!)

  • VERY cool random adventure prizes (see below!) dished out throughout the night - just like a raffle but everyone's already entered automatically by buying a ticket!

  • A donation to the Kairos Grant - helping others head to off on an amazing adventure of their own!

  • A really good night out - with hugs! So many hugs!


Mmm. Food. Arboretum does indeed have a food menu - hooray! I’ve heard a rumour that the pizza is really good…

Dress Code:

Whatever you feel comfortable in. Dancing shoes are encouraged ;)


*Refund Policy*

Unfortunately, I can't offer any refunds. If for any reason you can't make the event, I’ll donate the ticket fee to the Kairos Grant and your book will be posted out to you instead. Just drop me a line via the contact page with your name and address to arrange it.


HUGE thanks to my amazing brand partners who have so generously supported this launch (and my adventures over the years). Talk about Dream Team! Here’s what’s up for grabs on the night…

2 x Suunto 5 watches!

2 x Talon 44 and 2 x Tempest 40 Rucksacks!

1 x PowerGorilla and 2 x Extreme Solar Chargers!

1 x Terradora (as modelled by yours truly in the first photo below!) and 1 x Venture boots.

1 x a fleecy happy place - aka a Dryrobe

1 x Run Kit and 1 x Ride Kit

1 x Ice Climbing session at Vertical Chill