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If there’s one thing that I'm certain of, it’s that we are all capable of much more than we realise – all it takes is a little self-belief and a hearty pinch of perseverance.  I'm a keen advocate of aiming high and following your inner spark. Having quite literally leapt out of my comfort zone a few years ago whilst cliff-diving in America, I now enthusiastically encourage others through my public talks to think big, be brave and to start now.

My talks are about the importance of mindset when it comes to challenges of any kind. From the planning and logistics that go on behind the scenes, to the endurance capability of the human body and how to deal with the unexpected!


Previous clients include…


This was 15 minutes of high octane inspiration which had our attendees racing to put on their cycling gear. Laura’s talk was TED quality with down-to-earth advice and added storytelling flair. Plus some bloody good music. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your next event, you’ve found her.
— Kim Willis – The Heroine's Journey Speaker Series
Presenting Gold DofE Awards and meeting HRH Countess of Wessex at Buckingham Palace, London

Presenting Gold DofE Awards and meeting HRH Countess of Wessex at Buckingham Palace, London

You were the best guest speaker we’ve had! Your talk was very inspiring and engaged so many people. I had many members of staff come up to me to say how interesting your story was.
— Emma Belsey, Communications & Events Organiser, The Folkestone Academy
Speaking at the Royal Geographical Society, London

Speaking at the Royal Geographical Society, London

Listening to Laura Kennington speak is good for your soul.
— Rima Patel, Co-Organiser of Yes Stories: A Night of Inspiration
Leading hundreds of people to unleash their inner warriors at Yestival!  Photo credit: Raphael Rychetsky

Leading hundreds of people to unleash their inner warriors at Yestival!

Photo credit: Raphael Rychetsky

Laura, you were brilliant. A bonafide dance like-you-are-alive enabler! If you need someone to make a full marquee of people fully dance, this is your woman.
— MJ Kinnear, Yestival
Laura’s engaging and intriguing story of her adventures was brilliant. It elicited some great questions around storytelling and her approach to overcoming adversity. It was a pleasure to have her speak.
— Fiona Quinn, Storytelling for Startups
If you want your pupils to really understand what embracing life’s opportunities is all about get Laura to come and talk to your school. The stories of her adventures were both fun and inspiring and I challenge anyone who hears her speak not to be motivated to undertake some kind of challenge as a result – no matter how small.
— Toby Batchelor, Teacher, Cranleigh Prep School
Presenting Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards with HRH The Duke of Wessex at St James’s Palace, London

Presenting Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards with HRH The Duke of Wessex at St James’s Palace, London

She was engaging, motivating and clearly very passionate. Excellent speaker with interesting stories”

“She was very interesting and answered everyone’s questions in a funny and insightful way. Very inspiring.”

“It was fantastic to listen to Laura Kennington; I have previously heard about her but it was fantastic to listen to her experiences and how she overcame challenges.

“Laura was very motivational and an excellent speaker. She answered the questions well and was very engaging.
— Various, DofE Gold Awards Ceremony at St James Palace
Our Year 12 students really enjoyed hearing about Laura’s challenges, and how life lessons learnt through these can be applied to their own lives. The idea that anything is possible - if you put your mind to it! The overall message of enjoy life, get out there and be happy was really powerful - we look forward to seeing her again next year.
— Rosie Moore, Teacher, Parkstone Grammar School
The talk was really inspirational and motivational. I thought Laura was amazing!
— Bethany S, student at Springwood High School
Laura is a great speaker who inspired our audience of young people and parents. Her engaging personality, humour and stories of determination and strength was an inspiration – she interacted with the audience well and has a perfect personality for talking. I hope we will be able to use Laura again.
— Greg Stewart, District Commissioner Bishops Stortford Scouts
Laura was the guest speaker at our annual Awards ceremony. Her words were really inspiring, in challenging our students to not settle for the conventional, and encouraging them to forge their own path. She even received a hug from one of our parents who was equally moved! 
— Mr Warren Smith, Head Teacher at The Folkestone Academy

I love connecting with audiences of all sizes and ages! I have years of experience in public speaking, to both adults and children, and I'm able to tailor my talks to your requirements. Topics include motivation, resilience, endurance performance, confidence, nutrition, adventure, mindset and how to make the most out of everyday living. 

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From public talks, to group workshops and community fitness events - this page is where you find out what I'm up to in between adventures! If you have a fun event idea that you'd like me to get involved with, get in touch!


Community Fitness

I believe fitness should be accessible to everyone - I also believe it should be fun! These sessions, led by me, are designed to help provide some ideas on how to turn your urban landscape into a training playground. No equipment is required; the session can be catered to different levels and everyone is welcome. Have fun, get fit and get outside!

From festivals to corporate team building events, if you know a group that could use some fitness encouragement and you’re keen to collaborate, please get in touch!

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Public TALKS & group wORKSHOPS

Adventure storytime, for children and adults alike. Here's where you can come and get motivated by tales of endurance, get entertained by humourous retellings of curve balls and get inspired by stories of following your passion.

Workshops focus on personal development and wellness; giving you the tools to unlock your potential & break through personal limitations so you can create the quality of life you want. These jam packed sessions are designed to unleash excellence and can be adapted for different group sizes and various environments.




Laura did our keynote speech at our annual EMPOWER awards for our most academic students, many of whom need to be encouraged out of their comfort zone now and again and also need to see that there is a world beyond study and that success isn’t just about grades. Laura’s speech was incredibly engaging, she has a very down to earth natural manner which meant she connected with the audience immediately. I could see that the students were gripped and in awe. Laura used personal anecdotes, photos and video to illustrate her wider message about resilience and self belief. It was perfect for our students and inspired the staff too!
— Laura Grainger, Fulham Cross Girls School